What can you do for me, and what is your process?

Vlabsliquids have gone through several changes to ensure compliancy standards across Canada to meet proper regulations. We've gone through extensive reviews to find out fonts, designs, hazards, instructions and requirements. Although most companies have specifics on what should be on a label, most juice companies out there are putting themselves at risk if using improper labeling requirements. Our graphic design and marketing team are aware of these changes and will account for compliancy during the design process. We go through a basic, step by step process of consultation to understand your needs. You can then decide how you want us to help you grow. Are you just starting out? Do you want to save costs? Do you have juice, but you're unsure how to market it?

- Private Labeling - We will go through your needs in what you need as a company, bottle sizes, design, label dimensions, juice recipes. We of course will need to sign an NDA agreement to ensure that you're company, and juice are protected. Our packaging and juice team can guaranteed at least 2000 bottles per day, depending on the bottle size.

30 ML = 2000 bottles per day, 60ML = 1000 per day, 100ML =500 per day, 120ML = 400 per day

Below is our process:

- Number of Bottles

- Size of Bottles, Style of Bottles (Gorillas, Glass, and then color)

- Juice recipe & flavours (we look at your recipes to ensure the taste meets market standards, our professionals will then consult with you to provide suggestions)

- We then have additional services which can be found in the 'Design & Marketing' below.


Important things to note:

Our lab is ISO 7 Certified. We ensure that our juices are tested consistently to give the highest quality of ejuice, but at the same time having the best standards, and manufacturing. This will allow us to adhere to various process to avoid any discrepancies.


How much of an online prescence would you like? How much do you know out there to have all the right plugins/applications to help your webpage usability? Do you want to customize a theme, but have no idea how to? There is a lot to understand, and we want to help you. Our specialized team can help not only create your vision, but also help boost your online prescence. It's about professionalism, and how great a site you have if you really want your consumers to take your business/products seriously.

Our process is as follows:

- Talk about your vision and design

- Talk about any addional functionality. Ex. 18+ lockout, newsletters, etc.

- What your budget is

- Find out how we can fit your vision into your budget.

- What the next steps are to boost your online prescence with realistic results.

- Build -> test functionality -> implement content -> Go LIVE

- Once you're happy with your website, we recommend you change your password.

As competition increases every year, this makes it extremely hard for brands to stand out. We highly suggest you speak and consult with our marketing & design team to find out what works bests for you. Once you have an idea of where you want your brand to stand out, it'll go through phases of what will grow your brand and products.

- Product Photography: We do everything we can to make your product stand out on Social Media or just content for your website.

- Social Media Platforms (Instagram): We take the necessary steps to grow your Instagram . Facebook is a dying platform for marketing your business; especially with the regulations and laws around tobacco products and advertising as well as the changes in the API alogorithm's for the platform.

- Packaging Designs: If you answered yes to box designs, we will go into detail as to dimensions, and how long the lead time will take from start -> finish. This can be anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. This conversation will outline how many boxes you need and we provide a quote based on our supplier.

- Designs: Logo, labels, box designs? If yes, we suggest you consult with our design & marketing team for a quote. Our team has an extensive portfolio with our other clients which they're using now for their popular juice lines.