As competition increases every year, this makes it extremely hard for brands to stand out. We highly suggest you speak and consult with our marketing & design team to find out what works bests for you. Once you have an idea of where you want your brand to stand out, it'll go through phases of what will grow your brand and products.

Below is our process:

Consultation to find out what your budget is, and what theme you would like for your brand. This will then lead to a few things, depending on your needs:

- Designs: Logo, labels, box designs? If yes, we suggest Premium Package. If it's just one, please go with basic as we have optional add ons to fit your budget.

- Web Design & Implementation: SEO, Strategies, Organic Growth to increase your web rank on Google/Bing. Website feel and look (usability). We consult with you on what you would like on your website.

- Packaging: If you answered yes to box designs, we will go into detail as to dimensions, and how long the lead time will take from start -> finish. This can be anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. This conversation will outline how many boxes you need and we provide a quote based on our supplier.

- Product Photography: We do everything we can to make your product stand out on Social Media or just content for your website.

- Marketing Material: Our designer and touchup artist can make magic happen with your products.

- Social Media Platforms (Instagram): We take the necessary steps to grow your Instagram. With some of the changes with the API's we believe that Instagram is the key to your business' success.