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We're live but technically still trying to update while it's live. If you're experiencing any issues with functionality, please send us an email right away at info@vlabsliquids.com.

Label Changes:

- Kindalike

- Vape & Phils

- Riot Juice

- Honey

- Cool King

- Buhls (Vlabs Signature)

- Grab Bag

- Apple Juice (Vlabs Signature)

- Cactus Drops

- Sea Salts

- Lab Salts


Flavour Name Changes:

Vape & Phils

Dried Mango -> Mangga

Peach Mango Pie -> Melokottan Mangga

Fried Bananas -> Turon


Prison Grape -> Prison Shot

Cool Blue Raspberry -> Cool Blue

Chillemonade -> Chillade

Grab Bag

Swedish Berries -> Godis

Hard Candy -> Lean

Cola Bottles -> Bottles

Peach Rings -> Rings


Root Beer Float -> Root Float


Site Changes:

- Users are not required to register. Prices will be sent via distributer based on your order enquiry.

- Place order button takes user directly to wholesale order form

- Megamenu added

- Added a FAQ, shipping, and policy page.

- Removed retailers page



  • Mar 27, 2018
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